hermioneinwonderland: I just finished The Life and Times, and I'm positively crushed the author hasn't updated since February! Does she normally take this long to write or did she quit writing?

ISNT’ IS AMAZING?! the last wait was 4 months. =( She does update! She’s just busy with real life. But here’s her blog and she talks about TLAT a lot and you can sort of keep up with things and such =D SO GLAD YOU READ IT. i’m dying for an update

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  • I'm on a semi-hiatus.
    Usually my queue is posting for me
    but I check in every few days.
  • Started a new SNK blog
  • Hella crushing on Aubrey Plaza
  • The Parselmouth Network

  • reading: A Song of Ice and Fire,
    The Cuckoo's Calling
    watching: Parks and Rec
    feeling: ehhhhhhhhh

    Have a brilliant day! Allons-y!